Ever wanted to gunge the boss? Pour slime all over your teacher? Or watch as a loved one gets covered in green goo? Well now is your chance! The Entertainment Group have gunge tanks for hire that can let you do exactly that! Hire a gunge tank is the perfect way to raise money for a good cause while entertaining your guests. Watch as the trembling victim steps into the gunge tank and is closed in, then panic as either questions are answered or money is raised towards a target.

Then before they get a chance to move out of the way, vivid sticky gunge cascades over their heads before a hysterical crowd! Hire gunge tank for charity to really boost your donation to a good cause. Why not hire a gunging to mark a special occasion in the workplace? Maybe the employees with highest, or lowest, productivity could get a chance in the hire gunge tank to either win prizes or get gunged. Gunge tanks for hire come with full public liability insurance, a fully trained and animated operator, risk assessments and method statements. This makes your part in the gunge hire as simple as possible! Although charity gunge tank hire is the most popular use for gunge tank hire, gunge tank promotions is also a common enquiry and has proven effective at many corporate events.

What better way to introduce your new shop, product or launch than to gunge members of the public, employees, or even the store owner! Challenge members of the public to ask a question, if the victim gets it right, they survive the rent gunge tank, if not then they get gunged! Gunge tank for nightclubs is yet another use for this charming game! Watch the sheer delight of clubbers challenging their friends to step inside then paying to gunge them! Hire gunge machine is a great way to liven up a quiet week night, or mark a special occasion in your club not to mention an effective way of upping the night’s takings! Gunge tanks hire can be used at private events also, ensuring there is enough space for the machine! Call The Entertainment Group now to discuss your needs in more detail and getting your booking underway! Be sure to call as soon as you can to avoid disappointment!